for the curious.



  1. Where are you based?

    I’m located in West Palm Beach, South Florida with my Husband + Son. However, I travel North + South for my spunky lovebirds.

  2. What is your photographing style?

    I aim to shoot weddings for exactly what they are. I strive to maintain the honesty of a wedding day. The pure emotions that naturally occur, that can’t be fabricated. I rarely pose people unless we are in a formal family portrait setting. I practice a “no pose” photojournalistic style of shooting.

  3. How long does it take to get my images delivered?

    Your photos will be delivered within 6-8 weeks. You’ll get a teaser of you and your lover within a week to show the whole world, or not..

  4. Can I book you abroad/Destination?

    I am dang sure available to book for travel! Contact me specifically about that good stuff. This will be straightforward and unique to your needs.

  5. What Is included in the cost of a Wedding Collection?

    You will receive an online gallery where you will download all your high-res photographs. You will be able to watch them in a slideshow + share them with your favorites. Sometimes, there is a print credit included in the Wedding Collection you selected. Option to print + receive a custom album will be available to you at an additional (affordable) cost.

  6. Will all the images be edited?

    Absolutely. The editing process is an extension to the photography process. amen. many hours are spent with care to detail in this process.

  7. Do you shoot with a second photographer?

    On occasion, if you prefer or when included in your Wedding Collection.

  8. Can we meet before booking?

    I would adore meeting you and your fiancee before your wedding day. This would help me get to know more about your love story + individual style. We can get some coffee or some tacos, lets make some plans! & If you don’t eat all your food, ill be your garbage disposal.

  9. How many photographs will I receive?

    You’ll average 75/100 per hour, but your wedding collection will specify that.

  10. Can I get a custom wedding album/prints?

    I thought you’d never ask! Yes! I design your custom heirloom Wedding Album for you to pass on to generations. These are start 575$. You may add them to your Wedding Collection from the start in the “A La Carté” section or choose to purchase later. It is a 12X12 35 Page custom high quality heriloom album, with array of color choices/finishes/engraving. You do have the option to choose more pages + larger sizes for additional charges. Regular Prints are available to order easily once you receive the link to your Digital Album, you’ll do that part on your own. It’ll be shipped to your doorstep.

  11. How do you manage prepayment of services?

    25% of your Wedding Collection + Signature on your contract will be necessary for the booking process. Once you complete this step, your date is secure! YAY! I have custom payment options available, if needed. Full compensation will be completed 3 days (or sooner) of Wedding Date.

  12. How Far should we book you in advance?

    Some couples book a year or more in advance. There is sometimes room for the spontaneous couples, but you should book your ideal photographer as soon as you lock down your wedding date.

  13. Do you offer Cinematography?

    I do! I work with an insanely talented artist who produces un-forgettable cinematic video footage of your wedding day. The specifics will be listed in your Wedding Collection.

  14. Do you photograph Elopements?

    Yes! Elopements are my jam. Let me know in your inquiry alll the details of you’re sweet little plans.

  15. How do I choose the right wedding photographer?

    Choosing a the right wedding photographer for YOU will make or break the most important day of your life. You want someone who you can relate to. You need someone as unique and individualistic as your relationship. Wedding photography is the only tangible thing you’ll keep after your wedding day has long past. It’s the only investment that flourishes in value. This investment.. along with the investment you’ve made in your fiancee, is not something to skimp on.

  16. What time is the best time to schedule for portraits + bridal portraits?

    Simply put the hour before sunset, that time may vary because of time change. Without light you have no image. It’s imperative that the lighting isn’t too harsh, for example; shooting at mid day would not be ideal. For weddings, At least an hour needs to by worked into your timeline for your photos.

I truly hope I answered some of your pressing questions, you curious little booger!