Hi! I am a wedding photographer based in South Florida.

I have a few roles other than being a photographer. I am a wife & a mother to a sweet little boy.

I was born in north east Ohio & now live in South Florida. I have a love for love + adventure. Also; tacos, red wine, & chubby puppies.

I have been a photographer since young adulthood. I started by taking portraits of my younger siblings almost daily & conceptual self portraits.  I still have that itch to document authentic moments & tell stories through my images. I actually even dream about it. I have been working professionaly for 7 years.

I truly care about my brides + grooms & I work insanely hard to preserve every single micro detail of your day. I put every last bit of heart, emotion, & strength into your wedding day. Im not joking, I'll probably be sobbing during your ceremony behind the lens...ha..  This is what I love. I adore getting to know your love stories & photographing them from you. If you're reading this, I hope you can appreciate what I do & that we can meet soon!